Family Life and Parenting

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Parenting and Families, All of us who are parents have a need as we never get a user manual for our children.  Help is out there and we are making it easy and available for you right here.  Being a parent can be as difficult as it is rewarding.  You are open to highs and lows that come with raising a family and even just being a part of a family waiting for turn!  We have been helped along our journey in parenting, and working with a blended family, we get it.  We will continue to look for and add helpful items like this!  Family life is the best rollercoaster ride in the world!  New Topics and offers to help with “family life”  will be arriving soon, so remember to bookmark this site!


Talking To Toddlers: Dealing With The Terrible Twos And Beyond. Yes, those of us that have lived through this can attest… help is a good thing to have.  As a result, this helps you Understand where the “Toddlers” are coming from and what is going on in their heads. Also, this allows the parent to get through the stages in a faster manner. This is very helpful parenting tips for behavioral problem children from the terrible two’s and beyond.

Learn several unusual tips to effective parenting to help understand where your child is coming from. HUGE HELP! Go Here to learn more….


Play Time!

Grand Slam for the Sports Nut in your life!  Breaking News for Everyone with an Interest in Sports or Actively Playing Sports & Coaching!  I have a great find called Team Express!  You will be amazed with them.  They have a HUGE selection for the casual “arm-chair quarterbacks”  to the over the top world class athletes.   The only mistake is to not look at this one!  Get more information Here!


Pets in the Family!

pet vet

pet vet

Pet Vet For the extended family members with fur and four legs!  We want to provide the best life possible for our four legged family members.  Here is something to help with the Health and Maintenance our Dogs and Cats Deserve!  Get the convenience and savings of your pet meds delivered to your door.  The deserve a good quality of life.  Their health is important to us.  Go here to see more!


Just for Cats!

cat family

Most People who are “owned” by at least one cat, also own a litter box.  Just part of being a good “pet parent”.

 I have found a revolutionary litter box that makes that particular chore faster and easier.  If my Mom were still here, I would have had to get her a couple of these!  Check them out here!