Learn English With Rocket English!

 Learn English!

Speaking English is a great way to enhance your life, and with the Rocket Express Learning System it’s never too late to learn. Whether you’re:

  • Plan to travel to an English-speaking countryEnglish
  • Have English-speaking family, friends and colleagues
  • Enjoy learning something new
  • Or you want to refresh your memory of this beautiful language…

…you’re in the right place!

Rocket English is a course for speakers of other languages that…

  • Get you speaking and understanding English like a native FAST!
  • Put the fun into learning English
  • Reduce your learning time by up to 50%

 English for your Career!

Knowing and speaking English well can greatly increase your chances for landing the job of your dreams!  The demand for persons who speak multiple languages has never been higher.  Give yourself the edge by learning how to effectively communicate in English.

Do it for your own Enjoyment!

Improve your ability to communicate with the people you meet as you travel for business or vacation.  Being able to talk with the people you meet gives you freedom and increased enjoyment of your travels!

Sign up and start learning now

  • You get instant access to a 24/7 lifetime trial.
  • You’ll get 6+ hours of free trial lessons, voice recognition features and more
  • Be amazed at how much you’ll learn in a short space of time

Use the Rocket trial on any device

  • Use it on your computer and/or the free iOS or Android apps
  • You can download the audio lessons for learning on the go
  • All of your progress syncs between your devices
 This is a great feature of our program.  Continue lessons on the go and make the most of your commute time.
When you get back home  or to the office, sync your files so you are always current!